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Please see the upcoming course dates and contact us if you do not see a date available to suit your schedule on 01925 229 999 or complete our contact form to ask about other dates we may be able to offer.


This course covers all aspects-of preparation of the nail, application of tips and acrylic overlay system, and how to complete and finish the nail enhancement including shaping.


We also cover the importance of maintenance and safe removal of the acrylic enhancement to promote healthy natural nails during and after application.


This is a full day of training which is pretty intense as covers a lot of product knowledge and application techniques.


You will need a model after lunchtime on your training day who does not have enhancements on their nails .


Online theory work within your own personal area followed by practical training in the academy with us.


Fully certificated, accredited and insurable.


Ongoing support and advise with any training with us 


  • AM courses start at 10am


    PM courses start at 1pm

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