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Spray Tanning


  • For generations, tanning has come from spending time out in the sun, or going down to the local tanning salon to spend time on a tanning bed. However, over the years more research has been done into the harmful effects of these methods. This is mostly because of ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays are produced by the sun as well as tanning bulbs, and can cause serious damage to the skin, even cancer. As this information has spread, a new tanning method, called spray tanning, has begun to grow increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional tanning methods.
  • Spray tanning is ideal for clients that do not tan naturally or burn in the sun.
  • Skin Layers

  • Your skin is made up of many layers between the epidermis and the dermis. Inside the epidermis are even more layers. Traditional tanning methods tend to focus on the deepest layer of the epidermis called the basal layer. However, spray tanning focuses on the stratum corneum, or the outermost layer of the skin. This means that a spray tan will not last as long as a natural tan but it will give the skin a safe tanned look.
  • Active Ingredient

  • Spray tanners use a variety of skin products in their sprays, but the active ingredient in almost all of them is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is actually derived from sugar. Across your skin's surface are many dead skin cells. When the DHA interacts with the dead skin cells, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the skin cells to change colour. This mimics the look of a natural tan.

  • Fake tan – a fabulous, healthy look every time!


    No-one wants to risk their health soaking up the sun when they can get great results from fake tan. Choosing the right fake tan product can help you to achieve a healthy glow, or a deeper tan, depending on the look you want. Using tan solutions, we offer only the very best in professional fake tan treatments so that you can always look your very best. We have used tan solutions since 2006 in the salon and love the affects it provides.

    A fake tan the convincing way

    We’re all familiar with people who use fake tan but don’t always look convincing. If you’ve avoided fake tan products because you’re worried about lines, smears and colour. One of the most highly-recommended fake tan systems, our tanning products can help you to achieve the smooth, natural look you’re after:

    §  Smooth finish – the finished look is always a good indication of how professional your fake tan products are. With Tan Solutions’ specialist tanning products, you can achieve a great finish with just one application – saving you time and money.

    §  Great colour – press reviews have raved about the fantastic colour you achieve with Tan Solutions’ fake tan system. Our products are designed to give you a beautiful all-over colour, so that your skin doesn’t look like it’s been near fake tan at all.

    §  Easy application – Application is quick and easy. The whole treatment can be completed within 15 minutes and you decide on your degree of modesty
     §  Great ingredients – like all beauty products, you want your fake tan to have top quality ingredients. Tan Solutions’ fake tan products include ingredients such as aloe vera and soybean oil, our fake tan feels good and smells good, no strong lingering smells after application.  Aloe vera moisturises your skin while tan is active.

    §  Affordable – you might think that a fake tan product that’s loved by beauty editors and used across the world would be expensive, but actually, our fake tan is really affordable. We believe in making great fake tan available as widely as possible, particularly if it discourages you from spending too much time in the sun, which is going to really damage your skin in the long term.

    Fake tan – all about your skin

    Your skin is your largest body organ, and it’s often the most neglected. Before and after using fake tan products, make sure that you take care of your skin. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising are important parts of your daily routine and using a fake tan product shouldn’t hamper this. We care about your skin, which is why we’d rather you used a good fake tan than sit out in the sun, and it’s why we are always looking for new ways to be kinder to skin. 

    Pre Tan Advice
    *Remove any unwanted hair prior to the tan
    *Ensure skin is well moisturised (do not use oil as this will repel the tan)
    *Ensure to have showered or bathed before the application
    *Tan has to be left on the skin for a minimum of 5 hours to develop.
    *Do not apply deodorant to have the tan applied
    *Wear loose fitted dark clothing when you visit the salon.
    Post Tan Advice
    *Allow tan to develop for 5 hours before washing off
    *After bathing/showering pat dry the skin (do not rub as this will break tan up)
    *To maintain the tan moisturise well, top ups available.
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