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Ipl hair reduction

Ipl hair removal @ Newton-le-Willows - Pain free treatment, slight flicking sensation felt, no discomfort. 
Intense pulse light ( IPL) uses a special computer controlled Xenon light to generate high-energy which is directed into the hair follicle rendering it unable to reproduce hair.
The number of treatments required depends on the area being treated, skin type and hair colour.
Individual consultation required per client, prices on request. Consultation is £15.00.
Results are noticeable within two sesssions. The area is prepared and sanitised and a light gel is applied to the area to be treated.  A hand held light sensor is placed over the area and the machine activated. A heat sensation is experienced along with a slight flick as the hairs are treated. The sensor is passed all over the area until every hair follicle has been treated.
Repeat treatments are required every 3 - 4 weeks until all follicles are rendered dead.  A maximum of 6 treatments will be required.
Excellent results have already been seen within the short time we have been offering the service.  Clients are requesting additional areas to be treated ontop of their original preffered area.
  Be hair free for summer , imagine never having to shave or wax again! Available to both men and women. Call for further details or pop in for a chat and or consultation.
Debbie taylor,
12 Jun 2011, 13:46