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Acrylic Nails


Here at Es Paradis we offer liquid and powder (acrylics) and gel enhancements both systems start from £28.00.

 All nail enhancements are made from acrylic products most people refer to liquid and powder system enhancements as 'acrylics'.
 We only use branded, certified EMA products at Es Paradis


 Acrylic Overlays
This method involves our nail technician applying a layer of acrylic onto the surface of your natural nails. This gives your own nails the strength of artificial nails without adding any length to your own nails. Our clients find this useful when they can grow their own natural nails but they split or crack when they reach a certain length.  In this instance the acrylic acts like a shell over the natural nail preventing it from cracking and splitting.  The nails enhancements will need to be maintained as the natural nail grows through leaving a space at the cuticle area.  The maintenance is generally completed in 2-3 week intervals. Thus keeping you used to the way your hands feel and look but with the added bonus of fantastic looking glamorous finger tips.Our policy is to apply a gel top coat product to the nails which protects the enhancement and maintains a high gloss sheen for the life of the nails.








False Tips with  Acrylic Overlay

This method is where artificial tips are applied to the free edge of your existing nails to give them any practical length that you desire. A layer of acrylic is then applied to the enhancements. The nails will be cut and shaped to your preference. Many looks can be achieved through the products we apply from natural looking nails to french tips or more creative designs including colours, patterns, glitters and diamontees. 
If colour is required we apply gel polish ontop pf the enhancements from our wide range of polishes to complete your desired look.  The gel polish is very robust and maintains its colour and high gloss shine until your maintenance appointment is needed.